How does it all work?

All you have to do is register and account or use the quick checkout option fill in the form and send it to us then we will respond as soon as possible after this you can send us the phone and we will try to pay as soon as we can usually on the same day!


Definition of working phone

How should I send it?

if you send via our shipping pack its tracked and free after placing an order we will send the pack  out

sending your self ,please send your order to us via recorded delivery. Royal Mail Special Delivery will cover you up to £500.00 and Royal Mail 1st Class Recorded will cover you up to £30.00. You can also send via standard parcel delivery at your own risk. Cashmoney4phones have no responsibility for mobile phones not received. It is recommended to send it recorded it is the best way.

To receive the “Working phone Price” the mobile must
• Turn on past the start-up screen
• Have a fully working screen with no cracks or LCD damage
• Not be water damaged
• Be fully Functional, including buttons, Wi-Fi and camera*
• Have no missing parts, including the battery and cover*
• Have no major dents, cracks or very deep scratches on screen **
• Not have excessive wear and tear**
This list is not exhaustive. For the full list please see our terms & conditions:

The moble phone will receive a “Non-Working Price” if
• It does not turn on or fully boot
• It Has a cracked screen, LCD damage or touch screen does not fully function
• It is water damaged or active water damage indicators
• It does not fully function, including buttons, Wi-Fi and camera*
• It has missing parts including the battery and casing*
• It has faulty or a non-standard operating system
*This list is not exhaustive. For the full list please see our terms and conditions:

How do I find my model number
Its very simple ,all you have to do is take the battery out of the phone and the model number will be printed there along with the imei number. For example gt-i9300 or blackberry 9320

What do I need to send?
All we require is your phone and it’s battery. You may send a charger and we will happily accept any other accessories except memory or simcards. If we find a simcard or memory card in the phone it will be immediately destroyed due to data protection laws. Feel free to send all the original contents that came with the phone if you can find them. However, this does not increase the value of your order.

When will I get paid?
All orders are paid within 10 working days from when we receive the order, the quicker we can evaluate the device the quicker we can pay you.In cases where we are waiting for a respond from the customer times may vary however we try and respond as soon as possible so it does vary from time to time.

What is the IMEI number?
The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a serial number unique to each and every mobile phone. You will usually find it printed on the back of the handset,if its not just key in your phone *#06# and it will show up on your screen.please note some phones must have a sim inserted for this to work

What if my phone is barred/blocked?
A barred/blocked phone is one that does not work with all simcards due to the network providers blocking it.meaning it does not make calls, this might be because the phone is reported as lost or stolen. We will not accept any barred or blocked mobile phones.

How many phones can I sell?
There is no limit and you can send as many as you want. The more mobile phone’s you sell to us, the more money you will recieve, however you will have to contact us first if it is more than 10.

I cant see my phone in the list?
No problem drop us an email and we will give you an evaluation for your phone